Hiking Morro Dois Irmãos – Brazil

View from the top of Dos Irmaos in Rio

Morro Dois Irmãos, meaning the Two Brothers Hill, is a rock formation located just South-West of the Leblon beach leading to one of the best views of Rio de Janeiro.
Though the hike is not that long and not that hard, it still requires some caution when going for it as you need to adventure yourself in the “pacified” favela of Vidigal.

Full Disclaimer

Being a pretty advanced hiker, what you are about to read might not be applicable to you. 
Please get to know who I am before adventuring yourself in this article.
We do not all react the same way to the local environment and the weather could turn out to be very different.
Make sure you understand your body and mental fitness before engaging yourself in rough hikes. 

Quick Summary:
– Hike type: 1 out of 2 stars Out-and-back
– Packing: 1 out of 3 stars (1 / 3) Small day pack (~10L) with enough water
– Hike length:  1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) – 2.9km / 1.8miles roundtrip. Doable in less than 1h
Hike elevation: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) 167m / 548ft – 5.75% overall steepness
– Accessibility: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) – Use of moto-taxi 100% recommended
– Overall difficulty: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) – Some steep parts and sun exposed, but really short hike


Pack some water. You’re going to need it. Weather’s usually very sunny and humid.
A short and a t-shirt (not cotton) will do, but do not go on that hike with just flip-flops, grab a real pair of hiking shoes.
Plan a few snack bars.
Grab a bit of cash to pay for your moto-taxi ride (4 to 5R$. Prices go up year after year).
Note that the hike start is located in a favela and hiking outside of sun-hours is NOT recommended.

Doubting about what you should wear? Read this article about Appropriate Hiking Gear.

Getting there

The streets of the Vidigal Favela
The streets of the Vidigal Favela

GPS Coordinates: -22.995918, -43.246219
As previously stated, the start of the hike is located at the top of the Vidigal Favela, located at the South-West point of the Leblon Beach.
To reach the bottom of the favela you can walk, take a taxi or grab a bus. To reach the top you’ll have to change methods.
BE CAREFUL! As much as you’ll hear that Vidigal is “pacified” it still is and will remain a favela. Be cautious and do not bring valuables with you.
To limit the possibility of getting robbed, use the services of the moto-taxi that you will find at the very bottom of the Vidigal favela (plus the road is very steep. Save yourself time and trouble).
Prices are written in big and bold on banners, so there is no negotiating (except if the price you’re told differs from the one written). Prices are between 4 to 5R$ for one way.
Indicate that you want the Dos Irmaõs Trilha (Duhss Earma-os tree-ya) and you’ll get dropped at a soccer stadium.
Walk along the west side of the stadium toward the jungle.
For the way down, grab a moto that’s on the way (you might have to wait a few minutes) or simply walk.

The Dos Irmãos Hike

The trail of Morro Dos Irmaos
The trail of Morro Dos Irmaos

The moto-taxi will drop you at the entrance of a soccer practice field. Just walk straight towards the jungle (the west side of the field). A clear sign should indicate the start of the hike.
The hike should immediately start going towards the left.
From there follow the obvious path.
The start is in the shades of the jungle and therefore a bit humid and muddy.
The trail will make a sharp right and keep straight pretty much until the end. After 2/3 of the hike you’ll reach a little platform overlooking the Rocinha neighbourhood.
You’ll quickly get out of the forest after that and join a very bushy area. The view starts looking good but don’t stop, it gets much better very soon.
Once you reach the summit, just enjoy the view but don’t venture yourself too far. It’s slippery and steep.
You’re now on top of the Iramão Maior and straight ahead is Irmão Menor (you’re on the Big Brother overlooking at the Younger Brother. Thus the Two Brothers Hill)

Turn around and use the same trail you came from to leave.
Once you’re back at the soccer field, grab a moto that’s on the way (you might have to wait a few minutes) or simply walk through the main street of the favela.

Trail map of Dos Irmaos Hike
Trail map of Dos Irmaos Hike

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