Country guide: Tasmania

Here’s a few tips for the bush-walker friends who wish to explore Tasmania in a unique way, or a least away from marked trails.

This is thus NOT a touristic guide and the information you will find here is very broad. This article is for smart travelers and the goal is simply to help you get ready, that’s it. Once you are in the country, you’re an adventurer: figure it out yourself!

Tasmania for adventurers in 6 key points (plus 2 bonus points)

Tasmania is not a country in itself but part of Australia. It is an island south of the Mainland

Quick Summary:
– Hitchhiking: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) – Doable, but low traffic
– General transportation: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) – Some places are not or poorly served
– Camping: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) – Wild Camping mostly allow
– General cost: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) – Slightly expensive country

1. Transportation in Tasmania

Just like mainland Australia, the island of Tasmania has some pretty remote location that can be hard to reach.
Roads can be narrow or only made of dirt, and flights are inexistent. One must be ready to feel in the middle of nowhere.

  • Hitchhiking in Tasmania
    Hitchhiking in Tasmania is rather doable but can be quite stressful once you leave the main areas as traffic is low. Be ready to spend some time without seeing anyone and even spending the night by the road if necessary. 
    ARTICLE: How to succeed at Hitchhiking.
  • Traveling by train in Tasmania
    There is no commercial passenger trains in Tasmania as of today.
  • Traveling by bus in Tasmania
    Bus in Tasmania reach most destination. You might just have to reserve in advance or be ready to face odd hours, but most areas, except for the North-East, are served by buses thanks to Tassielink.
    A useful link is shared at the end of this article to help you visualize a map and the destinations of Tasmanian buses
  • Traveling by car in Tasmania
    Traveling in Tasmania by car is the easiest option, especially if you want to reach remote locations. All roads are paved, few exception aside. Roads in the North-East can be quite narrow however.
  • Traveling by bicycle in Tasmania
    Traveling Tasmania on a bicycle is totally doable. Just plan water consumption well as it can get quite hot during summer. That aside, almost all roads are paved and you’re never too far away from a small town or someone’s place.
  • Traveling by plane in Tasmania
    Unlike any other place, traveling Tasmania by plane is not a good option. There are very few airport (with Hobart and Launceston being the main ones) and regional flights are very limited.

2. Food in Tasmania

Food is not an issue in Tasmania. All cities have a supermarket or two, so there’s no reason for you to run out of food.

3. Water in Tasmania

Tap water is drinkable in Tasmania
There are also scattered water sources and lakes that you will come across once you start hiking. So water shouldn’t be an issue for you. Just remember to filter it just in case.

4. Sleeping / Camping in Tasmania

Private lands and Natural reserve aside, you should easily find places where to camp when hiking in Tasmania. Just watch out for wildlife such as possum who won’t hesitate to chew your tent or backpack should there be food inside. There are also venomous black tiger snake, though there are shy and should leave when hearing you.

That aside, with so many backpackers traveling in Australia, almost every town in Tasmania has hostels, should you not feel like camping.

5. Locals / Communication in Tasmania

Well no surprises here, people speak English.
Most locals are very welcoming, even in the big towns of Launceston and Hobart.

Cultural clash: none to acknowledge.

6. Things to see in Tasmania

There is an incredible amount of hiking opportunities in Tasmania.
A few touristy hike aside, almost all of them will make you feel like you are in very remote locations. Some actually do, such as the South-West hike. So for these ones, do carry appropriate gear and make sure people know where you’re going.

7. Useful Links for Tasmania

  • Public bus in Tasmania
  • Where to camp in Tasmania
    • CamperMate

8. The author’s review of Tasmania

One of the best place I’ve visited so far. Tasmania has a lot of remote hikes to do that will make you feel like Indiana Jones.
The landscape is gorgeous and varies a lot from one place to another.
I truly recommend Tasmania if you enjoy hiking.


When you travel, you are an ambassador to your country. So for all your fellow citizens, be nice: don’t behave like an asshole.
Don’t get mad, don’t complain of cultural difference, don’t complain at all, and don’t mock locals. Are you a traveler? An adventurer? Then adapt!

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