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Hi! I’m Ben, also known as BEIJA, just a regular traveler who one day decided to live for and from adventures, hikes, mountaineering, paragliding, mountain biking, exploring.

Iceland Glacier Alone
Iceland Glacier Alone

I am always on the lookout, always looking for new challenges. May it be climbing Mont Blanc at 18, cycling New Zealand for 1600km with a $50 bike, going around the world on a motorbike, kayaking Canadian coasts for 900km, reaching the highest summits of each European country, walking alone in the Mongolian taiga, crossing Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan by horse, or even following Shackleton foot steps in Antarctica. Some of these plans have been achieved, other missed and needing a new go, and a few being simply crazy ideas in my head that I’ll go for regardless at one point.

In 2017, tired from my routine work, I left everything behind to embark on a world tour while being joined only by my backpack and my tent. Since then, I do non-stop adventures -as physically than culturally tough- and challenges that I set myself.
I am always going solo. I do everything alone and without external help. I like being in situations where mistakes are prohibited, where evaluating risk along with your ego is essential, where for days I can only count on myself, my strength and my mindset.

On Beijadventures.com, you’ll find a summary of adventure stories, gear reviews, hiking guides, to immerse yourself in the adventure with me, or simply to help you create your own.
I also published a few books, with some chapters being available in the Blog. Or you can find them in their entirety here.

– I speak English, French, Spanish, as well as a bit of Portuguese and Russian
– I have a pet bunny, who now belongs to my sister
– I grew up in Belgium, Mexico, Brazil and Germany, before studying in Canada and Australia, and then went on to work in the US. I also lived a few years in France where my family is from.
– I was a First Aid Volunteer in Paris for 4 years
– At the age of 5, while living in Brazil, I was given the nickname Beijaflor meaning “hummingbird”. Very quickly only the “Beija” part stuck and became my un-official first name.

The Eco-note
You don’t need to be a hippie to believe in caring for the environment and in climate-change.
Yet, these things are real, and yes we have to change the way we live our lives. But that doesn’t mean we have to go back to prehistorical ages.
Yet, I have no tolerance for political parties that don’t include green solutions in their agenda.

At the age of 20 I joined and volunteer at Mountain-Riders, a non-profit organisation in France promoting cleaner mountains awareness.
When living in the USA I joined the Central Jersey Stream Team in order to clean up bits of rivers in the NJ state.
During my latest world tour travels, I volunteered in many Organic Farms through the Wwoof organisation. 
I always hike with a bag in order to pick up and throw the garbage dumbasses leave on the trails

Want to know even MORE?
What else can I say aside that you can send me an email in the CONTACT page, or that you can follow me here: on Instagram